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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project #13

Using All Of Our Communication Resources.

     With the exception of Skype, I really did not know that a person could use the tools: Google Docs,  Facetime, and Google+ for educational or communication purposes. Even when I used Skype it was only too talk to a relative or friend that I hadn't seen in a while. Coming into this class, I quickly learned how to use these tools for my own educational benefits. We have used Google Docs every day to keep up with records and save and share files. We have watched several videos that show the use of Skype in the classroom. I have worked with Facetime and Google+, but have not yet been able to explore them thoroughly. With this class ending I am sure I will find plenty of time to give to that exploration.
     Dr. Strange split us into groups to work on a few of the projects this semester. I have never liked working in groups at the college level because everyone is busy with their own life and it is extremely hard for people to find common times in which they can work. However, with the use of Skype my team and I were able to talk to one another when one was out of town. Justin Parmer had to go on a Mission Trip to Baton Rouge during the final project week. Before this class, we would have a serious problem here, but since we learned how to communicate using devices like Skype and Google Docs we are able to handle it, no problem. We used Google Docs the most by saving all the groups individual efforts onto one document. We were able to share easily with others and record our progress. We also emailed each other constantly throughout the process of putting our Ibook together. Email helped us find time slots in which we could come together outside of class and get work done, we are also able to keep updated on what the other members were doing. Lastly, the screen recording we accomplished as a group was loads of fun. On our second smartboard project we were enjoying every second of our time together. We were using that camera for hours it seemed liked just so we could get it right. Using all these tools have really opened my eyes to how easy it is to communicate in our world today. I will never have a problem speaking my mind or letting people hear my opinion again. (Not that I ever really did in the first place :)  Thank you for this course.

Keith Tardibuono

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Final Report on PLN

My final report on My Educator's PLN: The Personal Learning Network for Me.

My PLN started before I even was in this class. My family and friends were my main source of information and help through situations in life. The connections I have made up to this point will guide me on my teaching path. My Dad has been my main source of help and connections throughout the years of high school and now college. Through him I have met hundreds of people, some of which have opened my eyes to new ideas and views that I would have not considered if they had not brought them to my attention. Ideas like living situations, schools to attend, classes to take, and other decisions I have made. Now, I  can add  the use of the internet as a prime example of an addition to My PLN. On the internet I have made use of several different programs: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wiki, and even a dating website called POF. Through each of these programs I have found ways to grow as an educator and gain knowledge and insight to the teaching world. Over skype I have had hours of talk time with my Cousin Mark who is a Principal in L.A California. He has talked to me about all the benefits of being an educator today and how their is a demand for male teachers in the schooling system. I am also surprised to say that I am now an avid Twitter user. Even though I am not following a thousand people, my 28 follows have really shone some light down on my and allowed me to reach out and gain information that I would have never understood if not for Twitter.My Blogger is easily my top resource for my access to the educational world. Through reading other teachers blogs, my own fellow students' blogs, and the creating of my own, I have learned countless amounts of tricks and broadened my skills with the computer. I now believe that I can incorporate the internet and technology into my future classroom because I am comfortable with how to use it. The last resource I mentioned is an online dating sight  called Plenty O' Fish. I joined this as a joke with my friend, but it has turned out to be quite useful. I put on my profile that I was a future educator looking for any insight into the teaching world. I have talked to a few different teachers about their own lives and hardships faced by them during their time in college and even in the post years of graduation. I am excited about having my very own PLN  filled with information that is not my own at all. I will continue to build my personal learning network even after this class is over. Thank you for setting me on the right track.

Blog Post #13

High Hopes

I watched the video Back to the Future and I must say I really enjoyed it. When I saw that it was 17 minutes long I was sure it was going to be an uneventful presentation. When it started with Mr. Crosby introducing his class and sharing his story about the first survey quiz, my opinion remained the same. He took a survey in his class and asked his students these questions. What city do you live in? What state do you live in? What country do you live in? What is your address? What is your home phone number? I would argue that any student at the fourth grade level should be able to answer these questions, and I would venture to say most people would agree. After this is where the video really caught my attention. Mr. Crosby started talking about adding more technology into the classroom, without actually pushing the point across. He focused more on the project and fun in the class (which is exactly what his students do as well). His class was able to build a hot air balloon. This was really great stuff. Here's the really good stuff. From the balloon experiment these students learned so much. Before the assignment, the students had been keeping up with their own blogs daily. They were able to use apps such as Flicker , Blogger, and Skype to expand their horizon and reach out to the world on an intellectual level. The idea behind this class's High Hopes project was to send up a goal or hope on video in the air balloon so it would fly up to the sky and thus become "high hopes." Through the use of the internet they were able to reach out to kids all over the world and show off their projects. When other students saw these projects, they wanted to know more and share their own high hopes. So with high hopes from around the world, this fourth grade class that didn't know where they lived made a hot air balloon, videos, and got to "shine." To really make this project great the teacher attached a gps that kept up with the location of the balloon. It really impressed me how this little project grew into a fantastic learning process that ultimately taught the students how to learn. When students know how to learn, they will want to learn more, and that is good. Thank you for the lesson Mr. Crosby. My heart goes out to Celeste <3.

A Vision Of Students Today 

I watched this video three times before even attempting to write this blog post. The problems and thoughts expressed in this video are of a wide variety. A few include "18 percent of my teachers know my name," "My neighbor pays for class, but never comes," "I spend 2 hours a day on the cellphone," and "Over 1 billion people make less than 1 dollar a day." On one side I believe this video uses this gathered information and claims that technology would solve these problems or at lease help all of these issues. Then comes the ending of the video and I second guess myself and think that they are now having a negative aspect on technology. My view is somewhat neutral, I believe that these problems are at a stand off.
When I say stand off, I am trying to express my view of most of these problems being unsolvable by simple answers, some being easily solvable, and the others just to be personal problems. I read the notes from the video recorder, Michael Wesch, on this project and he sounded a little bedazzled with the video as well. It was brought to his attention that students these days have their mindset that they can "sneak" past education. Michael says that "getting by" is viewed as acceptable by students in the classroom. In one section Michael talks about an scenario where a student is having trouble with a question, goes and asks the teacher for advice, and the teacher replies, "You're over-thinking." Michael then makes the brilliant comment, "What kind of environment is this in which “overthinking” is a problem?" This goes along with a blog post I was reading about confidence and creativity. Ms. Diane Dahl is a teacher at an elementary school who believes that creativity and positive mindset will help anyone on their path to success. But back to the problems in the classroom. When it comes to ones dealing with the size of the classrooms, and teachers knowing everyone's name then I would argue these problems to be ones that are not so simple to solve. I do not believe technology would help with the teachers knowing names because it would take away face time. Schools as a mass are raising their class size to overwhelming amounts. I have taken one auditorium style class in all of my four years of college and would say I am no fan. Students need individual attention like we did in elementary school, only with less help and less "babying." The next one deals with students not going to class even though he/she pays for the learning experience. Once again, I would argue that it really goes to show the students mindset that they can just get by with doing the minimum. I blame the sizes of the classroom though. If teachers had smaller classes then they would be forced to be more stern on keeping up with the class, or could make it so that students would actually want to come to class. The semester in which I had my auditorium class I had a fantastic teacher who should great enthusiasm for the subject of geography. I am positive that if she were to teach a class of 20 as oppose to 200, students would benefit so much more from her. The next point and a few others deal with personal problems like phones and sleep. This issue is purely time-management. All these problems that are mentioned, combined with the messed up school system make for one rough times that we must stay positive and creative. We also must realize that the school is only one of our resources for learning. I really do not know how to end this section because the video and the summary post by Michael really put my mind to a halt. I wrote this quote down on my wall and I think it has a lot of truth behind it, "And there’s the rub. We love learning. We hate school. What’s worse is that many of us hate school because we love learning."

How Will You Teach Me in the 21st Century

to Know
to Be Able to Do
to Have Experienced

I would argue that this students answer to the question, "what he believes needs to be taught in the classroom," would be information, learning styles, and the how to's to life. I agree with him that students need to expand their horizon and learn as much as they can, and in order to do so they must first learn how to learn. With all the technology presented to us in the world, this Full Sail University student wants us to utilize it. When I make my own list I would answer with these statements.
I want my students to know all that they can.
I want my students to be able to do everything they need to do.
I want my students to have experienced a quality life.
If I were making a video I would add different locations and traveling into the push for learning.

Checklist for Teachers 

I think Ms. Dorothy makes some really great points and gives credit to the position for a future teacher with high regards. I also would add personality traits and creative natures to the equation. It is a good idea for teachers to know more about technology coming into the field. With a better start, more progress can be made on the way to helping a student to success. I would argue that a teacher can easily be taught how to use different soft-wares, internet sites, and apps to help in their career, but can not be taught how to really reach out to the students. I would like to imagine that a principal would pick a fun, knowledgeable, and qualified over one that has no personality and knows computers. With all this being said, I would conclude with saying a teacher with all these aspects will have a very successful career path. Thank you Ms. Dorothy.

The Worm Food

I really admire this certain teacher for helping a blind student have a great time learning and allowing him to be in the spotlight of his peers. I think this video really helps encourage kids to want to learn and help out with the classroom. This video turned a really gross job into a fun project where the kids were able to learn how to use technology in the class. Since I have to tell you what I believe Miles is advocating, I would say that he supports the view that kids need to enjoy learning. I am open to hear other thoughts because this certain post left me a little confused. I do support the students enjoying learning and being in school.

Smart Board Project 15

Youtube Version

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Post #12

My lesson plan.

Since I want to be a coach when I get a older, my project deals with my students making a team blog. This project is for students grades fourth through eighth. Students must make a blog that revolves around a specif sports team, one they love, or one they hope to play for some day. If a student has a problem with picking a sports team, they may also pick a television series they watch or any topic that I approve of prior to the assignment. This assignment will last a total of 17 weeks because most professional teams season last that long. I want the students to create a blog that they will update weekly according to their teams schedule. Students will need to write one post per week that includes an update on their team status and how their team is faring throughout the week at practice. They will also have to upload instructional videos, game films, and any other media that they deem necessary to uphold a quality blog. The different blog post will deal with the students opinions on the team and what ideas they have for improving their teams stats. They can also post the teams record and season. I want this blog to be similar to a fan page and include all the works of one. At the end of the season the students will have a complete blog that they can be proud of.

Here is my example of a good start:

Miami Dolphins Blog

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

For My final project I am going to sing a song that takes the audience on a musical tour through the summer class of EDM310. I will be shooting this in different locations such as the green screen, outside, and at the computer. The song has some light hearted humor in it as well as some plans for my future teaching. I am going to make a music video with my song using the tools we have learned about over the course of the semester. Some of these tools include: Imovie, the green screen, podcast techniques, and the world wide web. I will discuss blogs that we have gone over and end with my true reflection on this class. I am hoping everyone will enjoy it and not laugh too much at my hidden singing talents.

Here is a line from my new upcoming hit... "Stuck in Summer School"

"While this group is making a podcast, the other is making a book trailer. My class is going to be ahead of the game, not a single failure."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

See What These Kids Can Do.

I loved the introduction to the first video, the music that filled the background was on point. From the first few seconds of the video it was easy to see that these kids were talented and really enjoyed working on projects like these. The name of the show, Little Kids, Big Potentials was a very appropriate because these kids really wanted to accomplish their goals in life and school. The stuff they did really impressed me. I am learning how to use a blog for the first time in my life this semester and these kids are mastering them in the young grades of elementary. I enjoyed hearing them explain the rules and the fun times they had with showing their friends and families. I supported the techniques that were used in this skype and Little Kids Big Potentials videos. It allowed the students to really enjoy their class room sessions. They enjoyed everything that they were doing. They wanted to learn. They were excited that they were able to show off their work to all their peers. I would argue that this approach actually helped on the improvement of the projects. Because the students want to look good in front of their friends, they will do better quality work. I was a little surprised that more teachers had not caught on to this technique of utilizing the technology in the classroom. With time I would suggest that most teachers will start to incorporate as much use of blogs and the internet into their lesson plans. I enoyed all of these videos. Thank you.

Keith Tardibuono

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blog Post #10

I Am A Papermate

After looking at this cartoon and looking up the word Ticonderoga, I figured out that it was just a fort that was taken from the British by the Green Mountain Boys in 1775. Definition All I can really gather is that he is saying that the cheap stuff like paper and pens break easy and we need to replace that with the more expensive stuff? I am not really sure so I sent him a post asking him to explain. So when he responds to that I will add to this short paragraph.

Why are these Kids playing Games!?!?
Pencil Quest

In both of these blog post the teacher lays out conversational posts between himself and another ,teacher or student, and it always is interesting. While I was reading the first one about the strict principal, I was behind the teachers view the whole time. I would argue that the principal was overreacting when it came to the "no game policy" however, he is the boss and I think the teacher respects that. The principal wants him to just teach the class about memory skills in order that they may all do well on the rote memorization test. This teacher is teaching the students the skills needed to achieve a great status in life, instead of teaching them about just memorizing. In the end I believe the teacher is being a little bit of a "smart butt" when he quotes his solution, "My solution: we'll create an algorithm factory and integrate it into our Conflict-Oriented Reading and Writing Project (a.k.a. The Factory Game)"
In the second post, I get a chance to read about the class going on a scavenger/ and dealing with riddles. They are to use pencils to write down about what they find in order to move on to the next point. The whole project was a pre-thought out one that involved students going from station to station following a map and reading pages, followed by writing them. I like how the teacher incorporates pencil usage instead of the computers. If this teacher is anything like anything we have been studying I might argue that he is just doing this to teach the students about how easy and more fun the classroom would be with technology. I am not sure what this teachers approach is after reading a few of his blogs. I did however send him a post asking for some explanation.

Don't Teach None Of It

I really enjoyed McLeod's post. His sarcasm was on point in delivering his message to the readers around the world. His word choice and sentence structure really helped back up his message. He acts like he is supporting all of these views and then in the end he allows the reader to know that his class is actually doing all of this "evil" stuff and that they are going to be ahead in the world. For my last project I am writing a song/poem and one of the lines are,
"This group made a podcast, this one is recording a book trailer, my class is going to be ahead of the game with not a single failure." I can relate to both sides of his post as well. I know how it feels to not want kids to have the computers. However, I would argue that my reasons are different from the ones he names such as porn and tasteless stuff. I simply believe that when kids are that young they do not need to be shoved in front of a computer. They need to be out learning, exploring, and having fun with friends. Not in front of a computer. After reading all some of the comments left, I realized that not everyone really understood Mr. Mcleod's sarcasm. Some just supported his bashing of the internet, and other's thought it was cool how he was trying to "mislead" all the other teachers into making them not use computers so he could have a one up on them in the world. Regardless of what they all said in their post, Mr. Mcleod was professional in his writings and really showed a bunch of people the silliness in trying to restrict kids from computers in the classroom.
Thank you Mr. Mcleod
Thank you Mr. Spencer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

C4T Final Summary

Diane Dahl: For the Love of Teaching 

Ms. Diane Dahl is very enthusiastic teacher who loves teaching very much. Based off of her blog posts I have read it is easy to see that she is a huge optimist. The two posts I chose to read are Positivity: An important component of brain based teaching and Metacognitive thinking skills for life and learning part one: Optimism. 
      Positivity: An Important Component of Brain-Based Teaching was the first post I read. This post dealt with how positivity is a must have for us as future educators move through our career. Diane says, "I begin the year by stressing the importance of optimism and positive thinking on the brain, and then continue teaching and modeling the other BrainSMART thinking for learning skills which include: optimism, listening, focus, understanding space, understanding time, systematic search, systematic planning, memory, comparisons, and courage. " When the students worked on these in class and had optimism to back them up as well as their teacher, great learning was able to occur. As a fourth grader, if the students can have positivity towards their schooling then they will continue on their path to success. Once the students learn how to be positive then they can also develop their skills on being positive to increase their optimism in the world. 
      The second post I read was called  Metacognitive Thinking Skills for Life and Learning Part One: Optimism. This was part one of here new series of thinking skills for life and learning. Diane's goal is to, "provide the reasoning, and practical implementation ideas for each strategy so that you can apply them in your classroom or individual teaching situation." Diane considers optimism to be the most important tool to an professional learning career. Optimism is the best way to start any day, if someone can wake up with the mindset that they will accomplish what they want that day, then odds are they just might. Ms. Diane goes on to talk about two distinct groups of students. One that believes that they will succeed and make good grades, and the other that is full of doubt. The group that is full of doubt has already taken themselves out of the game, while the positive group is on their way to success. If you don't think you can do something, you are never going to do it. The logic is easy. I enjoyed how she made a reference to the fact that some students believe their mind is unchangeable. They believe that they will either fail or pass, and their efforts have nothing to do with the outcome. Once students can master the belief that the mind can actually be altered and that it is all a matter of being positive then the students will learn and fight for success instead of accepting defeat. One of the best points she makes is in the end of her post when she says that we as teachers MUST model optimism.  Really Great Posts Ms. Diane. Thank you. 

Blog Post #9

All that was Learned

As McClung wrote his blog first blog post after teaching his first year I could really sense that he grew as a person and a teacher. He started out as an elementary teacher and even though it may be hard to believe, he didn't really have his stuff together. However, after reading his post I would ague that he started out as a good ambitious teacher, and became a great ambitious teacher. He stays ambitious, which makes him great. He used this blog to talk about several points that he felt that really stuck out in his career. Three that stuck out in my mind were "Communicate, Be Flexible, and Never Stop Learning." His first point on Communication was really informative and correct. Communication is everything in life, if you know how to talk, you can almost get anywhere you want to go. Take myself for example, I have talked my way through more situations I can't stand to count. Communication allows for an individual to seek out and learn social skills that will open up doors through life. I back communication skills one-hundred percent, which is one of my problems with the rise of technology. More and more kids are getting off the fields of sports and streets of play to go inside by their lonesome and play computer games. This can not be right for the world. With that taken into consideration, communication was a great opening point. Secondly, he spoke of "being flexible" which I also agree is a must in the classroom. I do agree that we are going to want to teach our own way, but with different situations come different methods that we need to formulate.We are going to have to be flexible in order to help our students learn to their own best potential. we also need to make sure we are flexible in the eyes of our bosses. In the job place it really is "their way or the highway." Lastly, "never stop learning" is a great piece of advice that I would argue needs to be remembered in the back of everyone's memory throughout life. Once we stop learning, we stop growing, which would then lead us to stop seeking out information and thus kill all motivation. In conclusion, we should never stop learning.

The Third Year

After his first two years, I really felt that he matured as a teacher and developed his skills as an educator. Mr. McClung was facing many different changes in life. He was in his first school for two years during this section, with new kids and new classes to teach. He expresses in his post how he was nervous about his second year in the same school. Even though he felt more at home, not having to do the whole introduction year again, he was still ready to take on the new challenge. He wrote in one of his posts about making sure you always know who the boss is. He tells us that teachers can sometimes get caught up in the teaching process and the kids that they forget about what the "Man" is saying behind the scenes. "You can't get wrapped up in pleasing people." I feel that this was a quote that directly spoke to me, I have been accused many times of trying to please everyone. In his last section he speaks about not getting too comfortable. I agree that this is an excellent point. Although it would seem more desirable to get comfortable at a place and relax knowing that everything is alright, we must remember that there is always someone wanting your job and aiming to take it if we fail. We must always shoot to stun and astound the bosses in the workplace. Getting comfortable means slacking off a bit. We must not get so comfortable. Thank you Mr. McClung for the posts.

C4T summary THREE

Mr. Robbo

The teachers post I was assigned to read this week was Mr. Robbo (The P.E Geek). Growing up as an athlete in school I really was impressed and intrigued with his blog post ideas. They were all about new gadgets that would improve the P.E. world and overall help athletes improve as well. The first blog was about different apps for your iphone. There was one named Runwithme. Which when I told a fellow girl about, her instant reaction was "that is so awesome, and cute." I had to agree that this would be an excellent idea for couples or friends that live in different area codes. The other one had to deal with reaction skills. It was called Reactiontime and was invented to help athletes on their start time for runs such as the forty yard dash.The second post I thought was neat as well, however I don't believe people take into consideration how much all of this would actually cost. I don't think most people have the money for these apps and smart technology. I very much appreciated the posts though.

The P.E. Geek

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Movie Project 11

Thought 1

If laptops came from the ground and we could lay on our stomachs in the sun.. this class and I would be friends :)

Project 12 Book Trailer

Blog Post #8

This is how WE dream

After listening to Mr. Millers videos, it would be my opinion that he really shared a love for writing. He dreamed about books and then later in his life he wrote his own. I feel that this video needed a little more emotion expressed from Mr. Miller in an effort to really show the love he has for his career. I talked about how all books and writing tools are being updated to e-books and smart boards. He even says at one time that we need to get rid of all of the pencils and just move on. This may be taking it too far, pencils are great. Pencils have been around for so long. Who wants this elaborate customized e-mail card when you could get a handwritten in pencil with eraser marks and an individualized singnature. I would definitely prefer the latter.
When he talks about the uses of the internet in terms of books getting online I really started paying attention. He makes fun at the fact that his book in on Amazon for 59 cents. I am very grateful for this, selling books online gets me so much more money than any of the bookstores and I sold all my books in a day :). It really is a great move in technology, turning books to e-books. However, if you read my Thought 1 on my blog, I still stand by the statement. I believe with the books being online there is much knowledge to gain and an easier way to gain that knowledge.
"We need more Pedogogies" or Professional teachers. I would have to argue that with the rise of technology and need for teachers is decreasing, it is becoming easier and easier to become that professional teacher. We have the interent for all of our daily needs and questions. Youtube is one of the resources we use all the time. Without youtube.. we would live, however, it would not be fun for a lot of people. Myself, I would be alright. Thank you Mr. Millers for your videos and dreams.


I would argue that Carly did an excellent job on this video. The music, the pictures, and the flow all just fell nicely with one another. She takes Dr. Stranges lesson to a hight point. Her lesson sound very elaborate and well thought out. She wants us to create a playlist of videos that describe us, or simply just explain who we are. Any student would really love doing this project, I am going to try and start one as soon as I get a spare second. I believe Carly and Mr. Miller both have simliar views on the books and writing becoming electronic. They both want to use the technology to the fullest.

EDM is Different
Part 1
Part 2

I can appreciate both of these students videos. My favorite part in each of these videos for me was the beginning. Chipper's was funny because she came in sarcastic and with full emotion. On the EDM for Dummies I thought the acting was exquisite. The main the idea for the for the first video fit the EDM is Different genre. Chipper illustrated the ideas that Edm 310 was not a normal class students could just breeze by, they would have to work. This thought, I had to learn the hard way. The second video dealt more with the how of passing EDM 310. They went through the many apps and help sections to help complete this class. My idea for a video would consist of a much similar set up to the second one. Show a few scenes of kids freaking out over the class and then perhaps show a easier more relaxed kid doing their work on a timely schedule. Thanks to all the students that made these videos.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This video really down talks the way of the old school teaching methods. They feel that the lessons taught and the way in which they are taught are insufficient and sloppy. The video supports the new and advanced way of teaching that uses technology in the classroom and allows for easier access to information. We as a group need to learn how to change, and we can't be afraid to change in order to learn. With new advances all around us, we need to make sure we ready to master them. Let's stay ahead of the game.


I found a lot of interesting stuff on this web search, although, I still think I like the real scavenger hunt better. Looking with your fingers just isn't the same as going out and physically gathering information. However, I chose to use the website, Edmodo. This website is a mix between blogger, facebook, and twitter. On this website you can make friends, chat with other people, gain information, and put up your own thoughts for others to see. I could use this website as a professional in many of the same ways that we are using blogger today. It really is just another branch out to the rest of the world. EDMODO As for the tools, they all looked pretty useful. However, I liked the video ones the best. This Animoto was my favorite. It allowed a user to turn photos and videos into hollywood movies. The deal they give students and teachers is really great. I as an upcoming teacher really appreciate their consideration. The app I chose to use is called Prezi This was a really fun app that allowed me to make a presentation that was exciting to navigate and st stayed away from the basic slide to slide presentation. Check it out. My slide.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Post #7

Why does the Networked Student even need a Teacher?! 

     I enjoyed watching the video, the way it was interpreted by little drawings being moved around seemed fun. But why does the networked student even need a teacher? To answer this question I would have to argue that he/she really doesn't. The way that all of these views are shaping depict a world without teachers and less real, physical friendships. The teachers they are referring to, look to me, like nothing more than experiences mentors that have professionally mastered the use of the internet. Why even give them the title as teacher? I do not want to "bump" their whole idea because I can easily see that it is a great one that really allows oneself to get connected with the world and earn a certain status that would never be able to be achieved without the use of internet. I can also see that if a student were to be able to conquer the art of being a Networked Student that he/she would have a one up on all the rest. However, I also would strongly argue that a student with persistence, motivation, and a good personality can accomplish all of this without touching a computer.
     When it asks the question, "what does the networked student even need a teacher?" the answer given includes reasons such as, "Learning Architect, Modeler, Learning Concierge, Network Sherpa, Change Agent, Synthesizer, and Connected Learning Incubator." This student is in a Contemporary Issues Class. I feel that their are other issues that would be talked about rather than going out and making connections in the world. I understand that all of these methods are helping him further his career and find out information, but we also have books and teachers for that.
     If I were to take a class called Contemporary Issues I would think we would be watching the news and trying to formulate our own opinions on matters. I understand the more knowledgeable you are the more backbone your own opinion holds but I would strongly argue that you need to use more social means, and not social means electronically, but social means like talking face to face. I agree that the networked student is a quality one to be, but I would back a student who feels that the internet is not needed to accomplish the goals in life and "change the world." Thank you for your post
-Keith Tardibuono

     I was pretty impressed with all that this seventh grader had done with her skills of the web. I would argue that her PLE is really outshining my PLN at the moment. I can see that we share many of the same content, but what she is doing with that content is really putting her ahead of the game, and myself. I really liked her interest in the bizarre animals she had on her blogs. I also like how she had all of her "apps" lined up neatly in order. I respect her project and will do my best to have one myself of such status. Great Job Miss.

Project # 10 Planning My Plan

My Start. 

Since this is my second go around in this class I am feeling confident that my support group will come a little easier. I have made plenty of friends since being at the University of South Alabama and through (some of) these friends I know I can depend on to help me through my education career. I in turn will do my best to help these fellow students. I know that having the physical friendships in similar fields is a great start to forming a PLN, however, I have learned over the past semester and a half that it is far from all that is needed. I kept up with my Twitter from last time I was included in this class and am using it more to my advantage this time. I have friends from work, family, and employees at the University all being followed on Tweet. I am still getting used to using it on a daily basis. Along with a Twitter the blogs that are created are a great tool to developing in this field. By using the C4T and C4C it is easy to see my peers thoughts and views on specific issues. I plan on incorporating my Blog and Twitter more and more into my lifestyle so that I may get better prepared for the road ahead of me. I have been blogging with my Uncle is a Principal at an elementary school in L.A. and through my blog he can keep tabs on me for future work. I am going to continue to grow and try and take on the new technology filled world ahead.

Alternate Wiki Project

C4T Summary TWO

Mr. Larry's Optimism.

"Optimism is not so much about being positive, as it is about being persistent and motivated" (Segerstorm).
Mr. Larry chose this quote to write about in his blog and it really caught my eye. Like I said on his blog, I would argue that positivitey really does have a lot to do with being optimistic. Having a positive attitude can change your world and is a needed attribute to living a full and content life. On the other hand, I agree that optimism is greatly effect by the persistent mindset and the motivated drive. If people are motivated enough they will change their lives, if people are persistent they will only improve, or move forward. Unless of course they are persistent in something like suicide which is really a move back, or super far forward rather. Nonetheless I think this was a great post.

Day Time 
My second read was on how the human race spends their day. In the post I was able to connect to a link that gave a quick survey on how an individual compared to the rest of the world in how they went through their day. I noticed at the end of the survey, I was well above average for the amount of time  I spent eating, but rather low on the average amount of sleep per night. I had fun with this post. I have also read a few random quotes throughout Mr. Larry's blog that caught my eye, videos that interested me, and pictures that "restored my faith in humanity"  (Pics!!). So for all these posts, Thank you Mr. Larry.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy  Randy Randy.

     I am sure that Randy will be missed by  family and friends, they should be very grateful they were given a man like him to be part of their lives. Although this was a rather long video, I must say that I did appreciate the thoughts and stories that came from Randy and his life. He first spoke on dreams. I love the fact that he helped out on the Aladdin ride at Disney world, I am a huge Disney fan and  got to go behind the scenes of the park  when I was a senior in high school.  I also share a dream like that which involves working at Disney for a summer. Along with that dream I too wanted to play a professional sport. My dream was soccer, however, I tore my knee  last year and  since the surgery I have never really felt the same. From this  particular dream I can understand what Randy meant when he said the dreams we don't make happen are the ones we learn the most from. As a teacher I want to help my students succeed in their own dreams. As a teacher I will do my absolute best to find out my students dreams and goals and push them in the right path to completing them.
    The sky is the limit. This is how I felt after hearing  Randy talk. He is  point on when he says to not allow the students to be limited. People want to  impress, I would strongly argue that it is one of the best motivators around. So as a teacher we can not set a bar for our students, we must set a goal and then aim to go  above and beyond. Kids will surprise even the most experienced and wise of teachers. When this event does occur, the smiles and joy it causes are great. "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will  land among the stars" -Brian Litrell
    I agree with Randy and his view on teaching the students through fun and exciting methods. Teach them without the feeling of HAVING to learn. In the classroom I may take the kids outside to the basketball court and discuss angles. The kids would love to be  out in the sun and playing ball, while secretly learning skills needed outside the classroom. If we can teach kids through having fun, the world just may turn out alright.
     When Randy says, "If your kids want to paint their room, let them" I smiled very big. My girlfriend and I painted our room the other year and  it turned out fantastical, and now we have a memory and evidence of that memory for a long time. We learn through experiences. These experiences are a major part of learning for our kids and future students. Stories from the past, adventures from our lives, and lessons learned can all make great learning material in the classroom. We must help our students grow and mature in the right way. This can easily be done by remembering our past and leaving a clear bright path for them to follow, or at least a neatly trimmed one. Thank You Randy for your life and beliefs.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Post #5

The School Initiative

I must give props to this student for really knowing what he is talking about when dealing with technology and for doing his homework on the subject that he is powerpointing. I think all of these apps in the ischool would greatly increase the learning process and create a very easy setting for the students and teachers to learn. However, I can not buy into his argument. He is wanting to put all our students learning and teaching abilities/powers into the hands of technology. It's right here when you need it, technology makes it easier, you don't have to go out of the way. These are all true about the ischool, but humans as a race are already lazy and don't do anything for themselves. Pretty soon instead of people taking actual trips to the Bahama's they will see that it is just as entertaining to tour it digitally on the computer. People are loosing interest in the world around them and are becoming more and more focused on technology. I would definitely prefer my students to look up a term in the dictionary rather than on a phone, that is how I learned so I would argue they need to do the same. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way kids have been learning throughout the years so why try to take away from the actual nature of learning and give it too computers.
I wish I could agree with Travis, but I think the only problems in the "schools" start with the household and the parents of the kids, or it is the fault of teachers that are not dedicated to their jobs. If parents would do a better job raising their kids, teachers did a better job at wanting to teach, then there would be no problems. I don't think that these instruments will help the problem. I am still not giving up on the whole integrating technology into the classroom idea, I just do not know which one of these blogposts are going to help change my mind.

The Beautiful Voices
I am so very glad Dr. Strange pointed out that I missed part of the assignment. I remember this video from last year and I am very excited I got to watch it again. I have been doing my classwork for the past hour and have had this on replay the whole time. This is another amazing talent that Eric Whitacre's
has done with the use of the technology. I love how he was able to bring voices from across the world and put them into a brilliant symphony. Thank you Eric Whiteacre's.

How we should teach?

This video said a lot and I enjoyed the star wars themed music in the background. Kevin Roberts, in my opinion believes that teachers need to be the "filter" for the information that our students are gaining. "Teachers are no longer the main source of information" Kevin says in his video, and I would have to argue that teachers have not been the main source of information really ever. Now this is not to say that I don't very much respect, appreciate, and admire my teachers throughout the years, however for the information Kevin talks about in his videos I would think that kids learn these "skills" throughout life through parents, friends, and experiences. I agree with Kevin when says we must help the students learn skills and I believe his resources such as facebook, ipods, laptops, and blogs are a key to developing the skill needed to survive in the world. As a teacher I will make sure that I provide my students with the skill to live a good life in this world, if they choose too listen. Thanks to Kevin Roberts for the video.

Flip the Classroom 
Flip the Classroom Dr. Lodge Version 

I have to say that I think this is a pretty great idea. I believe giving the students opportunities to learn the lessons outside the classroom is a very productive idea. When Katie says that she is only teaching the middle section of her class she is absolutely correct. I remember going the class and just looking at all the kids and what they were doing in class. Some would sleeping,  looking out the window, I  even remember playing cards and winning money in my ninth grade English class. (I was  part of the students who already knew the stuff ;). But with these ideas student could choose their own pace, within reason. Also, the teacher could focus on what the students are struggling on most or really want to learn. I really don't have an argument with this project/process. Thank you Katie and Dr. Lodge for your videos.

Project #9 Time Line

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I still stand true to my sentence

Blog Post #4

1st Graders and their read-a-longs.

I choose the first link to check out first because it seemed reasonable. The story was about 1st graders making their very own reading book. Already have been in a 1st grade class, I really did not have much faith in this suggestion, however, I was eager to give it a shot to prove me wrong. I must admit that it proved me wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was impressed that kids this young could be forming their own creative books. I thought it was interesting how excited they got about re-writing their papers. I would argue that after hearing themselves speak over the recording really fell a need to do better.

Podcasting With 1st Grade

I enjoyed this read quite a bit. The main reason for this is because I used to read The Magical Treehouse like it was the best book ever, I will read it too my sons one day. However, the fact that they got to record their voices really surprised me, because much like the first one, the kids were excitied. They also were acting like they have been doing it since the age of 2.

Listening Comprehension

I thought this was a cool section. I agree with all of the emphasis on putting emotion into your podcast. On this page the students were learning from the story Purim. They decided to take that and make a podcast and then put it on the class blog for the parents to see. I enjoyed how the teacher made sure to record all of the sentences out of order so that the students could put them back in order by editing them. I also listened to the podcast and just by the voices I was able to tell how enthusiastic about the project they all were.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project #5

C4T Summary

Summary For Teachers 

     For my first week of class I was given Mr. Spencer to observe on the blog. I would argue that I lucked out with a pretty cool teacher who I feel may not always formulate with the rules. In his first post he talked about a disciplinary action that he had to take with one of his students. In this story, his methods are not actually all that disciplinary, he handles the situation with calmness and respect. A student was showing up late day after day for his class and would not tell the teacher why he was doing so. This situation could have caused a lot of commotion and problems, however, because the teacher did not make a big deal out of nothing, the problem was fixed and everyone got out alright.
     His second post was very poetical. I really enjoyed reading this one as well. It involved the use of the metaphor rust to symbolize change in the school system. I agree that schools need a little more something in them. I would argue that they are going the wrong direction in some aspects of learning. Students need more interaction with the teacher, they need more repetition. "Don't demolish it entirely... let it rust."

Blog Post #3

What is Peer Editing
The Slide Show
The Student Humor Top Ten 
     Each one of these links above lead to very creative and educational information. I enjoyed the later of the three the most, simply because the students really put on a good show. I learned a few key points about peer editing. The three steps to Peer Editing are compliments, suggestions, and corrections. After reading this is was easy to read through a classmates paper and give compliments. The suggestions and corrections are a little more harder to write because you have to point out mistakes and no one really wants to do that. I also liked the point the slideshow made dealing with always staying positive. Having a positive attitude when dealing with fellow students will be the easiest way to form friendships and help each other learn. These videos are very instructional and  I learned how to better correct and compliment peers work.
     I am excited to start editing my students pieces of works, but at the same time I feel that I must improve in my own writing skills in order to do so. I expect to see my students correct my corrections fairly often.

    Technology in special education 
       When I watched this video I noticed that the teacher was quite fond of her children and really cared for each one of them. I thought it was a blessing for these kids to have the technology in the classroom to use to their benefits. I have never really thought about using technology as a tool when dealing with special needs, but now would completely agree that technology is very much a necessity in the classroom.
       In my future classroom I will definitely incorporate technology. Now, I feel like I will use it more so in special education more so than regular elementary. I really liked the mouse made for the first student, seeing his smile would be a great gesture of kindness. I am excited to find out what else I can do to better my road to teaching.

My future app
     I really liked how you could upload childrens' books to the ipod. Growing up I read Dr. Suess all the time, and to this day I still enjoy reading his rhymes. When I saw that you could put this into the ipod to help kids learn. This takes away the need of the student always needing a guardian there to try and help and pressure.
     In the video I could easily see how these instruments could be enjoyable to kids trying to learn. The learning tools are very helpful and really put the knowledge into the child's mind. The computers make the sound loud and it allows the student to see what he/she is doing. It is an immediate response which also is a great benefit.

Harness Your Students 
     I think Ms. Davis really does a fantastic job with her students and I would be willing to bet her students enjoy being in her class. Just from the responses and the little bit of footage we are able to see shows the students smiling while learning a great deal of world related information. I like how Ms. Davis said that a teacher does not need to know everything in order to be a teacher. She compared a child learning a piece of information for the first time, and the straight shrill and excitment that hits them. If we as educators knew everything, then that feeling would be no more.
      I argue that the technology really does bring about a smarter and richer atmosphere for learning. It gets the kids excited, which I would believe to be the most important concept. It also brings kids closer, which I would have argued against weeks past.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Post #2

Did You Know?!?!

       This video prepared by Dr. Strange is one that I'm sure has opened the eyes and minds of students through the years past. I would have to agree that the video does reveal some shocking facts, like how there are so many kids in India. I also thought the information on Youtube and all of their uploads that are happening every milli-second were interesting tidbits.
       When the video asks me "did you know?!?" I would l have to answer that question with "no" to nearly every fact. However, when I reflect on the answers I must say I feel indifferent. I appreciate this new knowledge, and believe I actually am ready to be an Educator, (if ya include the rest of my schooling probably). I also support all the crowds in India, makes driving hectic.

Oh Mr. Winkles!

     After watching Mr. Winkles my thoughts would include a few points. If I were Mr. Winkles waking up from a very very long slumber, in  a big city like that, I would find a hot dog vendor and absolutely chow down. I also though this movie was interesting because it shows how the world really has come to change. Technology is a never ending project, hopefully I will never have to contribute to it's advancement too much, but it is definitely always on the rise.
     I thought it was neat how it showed the schools at the end remaining familiar to Mr. Winkles. He remembered the desks, and the lessons, really taking him back. However, classes have changed a great deal with the use of computers. Younger grades are  incorporating computers into the classroom earlier and earlier. It is almost to the point where it is too young in my opinion to give out computers. One of the things I look    forward to is standing in front of my little class and being energetic and enthusiastic about my lessons. It's definitely a cool video, reminds me of the spoons dude.

Killin the Creativity 

     Ken Robinson is a very comical speaker that had me chuckling a few times in front of my computer. My favorite line was the one about the little girl, her teacher, and Jesus. I enjoy what he says  when he talks about schools preparing us for our unreachable future. Questioning how they can prepare us for 65 years into the future when nobody knows what will happen in  five.
     Ken Robinson talks about when students grow up they are discouraged to participate in music or sports because it is not  in their future. However, Mr. Robinson  believes that teachers should not act in these ways. "Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value" I would argue people show this everyday, and I very much enjoyed this video.

The Very Bias Classroom 

     After viewing these videos and answering the questions, this is what I have ended up deciding. I would think that the easy choice to which class I would take would be the more technology filled one. There was so much interaction and communication, even with the easel in the other video I would argue this class comes out on top. I can't really say either of those classes were representations of classes I have taken in the past. One was too over the top crazy and the other extremely slow.
     The differences between the two teachers is simply the enthusiasm and the technology. The teacher with both of these traits easily conquers the quest for better teacher. Much like the answer before, this one is clear. The items in the fun class were more on a reality level rather than just boring facts. I would have to say that when I become a teacher I will steal traits from both of these videos. From the "fun" one I would take his enthusiasm, and from the other I would take his easel. In order to become a better teacher I just need the experience that comes with it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project #2

Wordle: Untitled

Blog Post #1

A little more about me.

Good evening and thank you for allowing me to participate in your class a second semester. I would love to share with you a few paragraphs worth of information about my life one more time. To start, for my breakfast I had a banana and powerade. It was truly not all that fantastic. Secondly,  if you were to ask me right now how I felt about Alabama football, I would have to say I really do not have much of an opinion still.
 My name is Keith Anthony Tardibuono and I was born on March 8, 1990 in Hollywood Florida to my momma, Heather Joy, and my pop, Thomas (T-Bone). My pop retired from the Coast Guard a Commander after 24 years of service and my momma is the sweetest lady I have ever met. A few years after I was born I was given a little sister named Kate Noel, and a little brother named Jack Francis. My whole family is very athletic, participating in any sport we could fit in to our schedule. I currently am in my senior year of schooling. I am pursing a degree in special-ed/elementary in hopes of being a teacher and coach. I have played soccer my whole life including three years at the college level. So far I have really enjoyed my college career and am looking forward to the rest of it. Hope you were able to learn a little bit about me from this writing again. Thank you. Again.

B)Randy Pausch on Time Management

               After watching Randy Pausch's video on Time Management I would argue that I got a little bummed out. I am all about managing your time, and thought it was ironic that as I was watching this video I looked down and saw my To Do List. So I have already given myself a pat on the back. According to Randy Pausch a person  should spend more time thinking about situations rather then actually participating in them. I enjoy doing spontaneous actions without thinking, which I must admit has gotten me in much trouble in the past. I will also admit I only regret a few of them :). For all those other times when time management is needed then I would agree with Randy and his views. Thinking "what will happen, what are the consequences, and doing things right vs. doing the right things" are all quality points. I believe that although he may have his head on straight and have time down to the wire, he is lacking a little fun in his life. All in all, I argue that he is giving some good pointers to all of his listeners. 

Practice Post

My First Post

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Post #13

My Teacher As An App

After reading this article I would argue that online classes are really not an improvement on the education world. I have taken a whole year of online classes, that is 36 hours and 12 classes on my plate. As I am writing this blog now, I can tell anyone who is reading that I did not learn very much in this year. I went to West Florida for a year to play soccer, and living in Mobile I had to take all online classes. I finished my year with eleven A's and one B. But if anyone were to quiz me on what any of the classes I was apart of I would not have a clue what to tell them.
Teachers teach. Students go to school. Online classes can not measure up. Even in this class right now, there is not much I am gaining from it. I would argue however, if we met three times a week in a classroom setting with a teacher I would be able to sing a different song. "Now, thanks to the videos she's been watching on ancient Egypt, she loves it" I would tell this girl to get over it, classes get boring just like every other aspect of life, but we must cope with it. Students need to learn from teachers, not computer screens.

Blog Post # 12

Lesson: Take A Break from the Internet

In the days of now, people are getting overly excited about the use of technology. New inventions are being presented that have people running a muck. We have phones that talk to us, computers that think for us, and only time will tell what else we have coming. All of this new technology is great to an extent, however, it is not at all needed. People are becoming less social and a whole lot more lazy. With all this gained knowledge, we are losing our true instincts. If we had a nation black out and lost technology, I am positive that 3/4ths of this world would die. So for my lesson I would argue that people need to get a break from technology and go enjoy the world that God has given us. Here are my instructions:

1. Turn off your phone
2. Put away your laptop
3. Shoes are optional
4.  Go outside
5. Enjoy life

After doing this lesson I truly believe everyone will appreciate the world we have been given and realize that technology is way overrated. Thank you. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's Class

     My first grade teacher was Miss Mahony. I knew her only one year my life, yet she sticks out in my memory like a friend I have had for years. I remember that I had a blast in her class and if there was a way to compare, I would argue I learned more in that year than many years since. I really did enjoy watching Ms. Cassidy's skype interview, she seems like a very qualified teacher with a great sense of compassion about her. I also admire her for her classroom techniques involving technology in the classroom. It really is neat how kids as young as five are writing their own blogs, when someone as old as myself just learned how to make one a few weeks ago. I also agree that her teaching technique is really helping the kids evolve with how the world is evolving. I know technology is growing way too much for me to keep up with. So yes, I believe that Ms. Cassidy is preparing her students for the world they are growing up in, however, Miss Mahony did that, as well as prepare me for the world I am growing up with.
      I remember Ms. Mahony because she was in the classroom talking to me, face to face, the whole day. We sat on the rug and guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar, not in front of a computer using the internet. We were always mixed in with our friends/crushes/ or even guys we did not like being social and making eye contact, not side by side looking at screen. I would argue that if our kids start their schooling career with the internet shoved in their face... no one will be friends. Well, it probably would not be that bad, but I am positive we would not have near the amount of quality relationships in the world. The internet may be bringing the world together, but I do not know how much good it is doing for the neighborhood. People are losing the ability to have relaxed conversation, people are talking to people across the world when they have someone in front of them, and they sit inside all day when it is very sunny outside. When kids are in kindergarten they need to learn how to make friends, play sports, and learn from a teacher.
     I think Ms. Cassidy is a fantastic teacher, and I admire her greatly.I just think that kids need to get away from the computer more. I have a little cousin named Ethan who is eight. He is always on the computer and really does not see the need to hang out with his cousins or family really all that much. Kids have their whole life to learn about the computer, I think they need a break from it at the start.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year

Mr. McClung was a new teacher at a Junior College, he had no real experience and did what he could to be the best teacher he could be. In these blogs he posted his thoughts about his year and new ideas that came to him that would future benifit teachers and help him reflect. In the first post he wrote about his first year over there. The main point was to "stay positive." He wrote down several different bullets explaining key points he wanted to discuss. First he talked about reading the crowd. When he first started teaching he said he was very focused on himself as a teacher and really did not consider how the students were taking his lessons. He learned that he needed to be more student focused and take into thought their reactions to his lessons. In the next few points he highlights "being flexible, and communication," These go rather well together because he found out how to be flexible through communicating with his students. He learned that there was no such thing as the perfect lesson, however, I would disagree and say there definitely could be. However, through this he learned that it was okay if a lesson did not go as well as he thought, he could learn from it and better correct it next time. His last note on this page was to "never stop learning." He makes sure he is always taking in new experiences and learning from his mistakes.

What I Learned This Year (year 2)

In his second post he starts out by explaining that he has moved up to junior high students. It is again his first time, however, with more experience in his background and a new teaching method/mind set I believe he was off to a better start already. He starts off by talking about "Adapting." I would argue that this is not his frist time with this new lesson to learn. He had to adapt also in the previous section where he was transfered to his first school. In this new scene Mr. McClung had to learn new ways of teaching and communicating. It was almost like he had to just dig deeper on what he learned in his first term. he also makes a great point about needing/finding a Class Mom. I thought this was the best point he made. If you need help, ask for it. A class mom has been around and knows the ropes. She would be a great person to go to if rules are managing needed to be done. In the end he closes with the same point he closed with in his first term. Never stop learning, however, he words it as "It's what you learn after you know it all that matters." This is the same concept of never stop learning. He makes sure to inform us to always keep our minds open to new lessons and experiences.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post # 8

1. Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and
After watching both of these videos, I would argue that I really did not get too much out of it. I understand that the way we write has changed throughout the years and that now we can do a whole lot more stuff from out living room couch sitting on the computer, but besides that I do not really know. I do admire this man for the accomplishments he has done and the status he has achieved over the years.
He also talks about the artist behind all the visuals used online. I liked the part about the whale hunt. I liked the pictures used even though they were a little graphic. He goes on to say that the things we can do with the computer are limitless, which I would agree with, however, I do not plan on spending very much of my time trying to stretch my boundaries with the internet.
I would argue that when I am in the class room, I will be able to find things that are natural and God created to bring into my lessons. Although I know the computer and internet will be a great deal of help, with my class I really do not plan on using the computer all that much. It just is not for me. However, I am sure that for some the use of the computer will be a great necessity.
2. Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh
I would argue that Carly thought up a great assignment. I am sure that Dr. Strange would agree. I think this allows a student/teacher the opportunity to show their true colors and express their self. When she is talking about her assignment mentions "Creativity to the Rescue" and I think this is a quality point. Creativity is the key to learning and developing as a human.
I also really liked the video she has on her post. The music goes along very well with the scene and adds to the emotion in the video. The questions really make you think and want to be better. I would argue that she did an excellent job putting this post together.
In comparison to the Richard Miller, I would argue that Carly's was much more entertaining, however, the way she wanted to construct the lesson went about the same way as he did prior to hers. She saw a vision and made it a reality. I really liked what she had to show.
3. The Chipper Series, EDM310 for Dummies:
I really enjoyed watching these two videos. I like the first one done by chipper about procrastination. I believe I could do an idea similar to this. In edm310 for dummies I also liked the way the video was constructed. I think that I would try to do a project on excelling in your classroom.
4.Learn to Change, Change to Learn
I really do not think this video is saying anything new. Even though students are in a new age of technology I do not think the way we are teaching them needs to change. I believe that students can grow regardless.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Start to my PLN

With the first semester of South Alabama getting half way done, I have seriously considered thinking and planning My PLN. This is what I have for a start. I really do not have too many friends right now, however, I definitely am going to make more throughout this semester as well as for the rest of my computer filled life. Twitter is a great way to get into communication with the world, and communication is one of the greatest ways to achieve what you want in the world. I have a great skill of communication and if I can then combine that with this whole internet thing, I truly believe I can develop as a student and future teacher.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Post #7

After watching the Randy Pausch's video I would argue that he is a pretty brilliant man. Throughout his video we see a man who believes in inspiring his students and teaching them methods that not only are useful for the classroom, but for real life as well. He is a very selfless man who really goes out of his way to help others.
At one point in the video, I heard him talking about a football coach who told him that once everyone stops helping you, they stop caring. I completely agree with this and hope that we have better teachers and care givers out there that do not let the situation get this bad. I have screwed up a few more than several times in my life and I am very grateful that my parents, teachers, and youth pastors never gave up on me.
When Randy Pausch really dedicated himself to teaching, he did it all the way. He came up with the Brick Wall Theory. This consisted of a wall in an individuals path. The individual has the choice to either charge at the wall and get by it in hopes of living out his/her life, or hitting the wall and falling down, never achieving anything. I feel like I have conquered many brick wall throughout my life, however, I know I have many more still to climb.
Lastly, I really admire Randy Pausch's passion for fun in his workplace. He knows that in order for kids to want to learn they must have fun. He brings laughter and joy to the classroom so the kids do not have to strain to concentrate, instead they just let the learning come to them.
All in all Randy Pausch is a quality guy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comments For Teachers

I have had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts with two very interesting teachers using my new blog. Since I have just now finished writing to the second, I will share with you my thoughts because they are still fresh. I read a note that was written in response to the 9/11 attack that happend 10 years back. She wrote for patriotism,

passion of one's country, and the love for learning. She felt that it was necessary that all students be educated about the sacrifices our soldiers are making to keep this Country going. I completely agree and wish that I would have been more up-to-date with the world I'm living in.
I also went back to check out my first CFT. I was encouraged to see that this teacher is still writing her thoughts and that the thoughts were great ones. I really enjoyed a blog she wrote recently on Rober Frost. It was on one of his poems, Fire and Ice. She wrote about how she really did not know what way she would choose. She also explained that she felt Frost was talking about the world behind the poem. How the world is either going to do too much (fire) until we ruin it and it falls, or the world will do nothing (ice) and we will fall as well. Frost is an extremely darkly intellegent writter.

Thanks for letting me comment Ladies.

Keith Tardibuono

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Comment for Kids Summary. Hurray!!!!

Alexandra is the most recent student I have been able to contact. She has been talking about where she wants to visit in the world. The first place she mentioned was New York, a main attraction being the Statue of Liberty. I have been there and must say that it is quite a spectacular sight.
Adam was another student I had the privledge of communicating with. The last time I checked out his profile he was talking about different sports he enjoys playing. One of the sports he loved to play is soccer, which happens to be my favorite sport.
Dawson has a very bright blog that always brings a smile to my face. She likes to talk about dolphins in the water. She has swam with them several times and really enoys how they can just flow through. I got the chance to swim with dolphins when I took  a trip to the Aruba.
The last kid I was able talk with over blog space was Allie. She is a cute little kid with a crazy attitude. She has an October birthday and loves Halloween. I read her first post and it was "All about Me" She shared with the class that her favorite color was red, which happens to be mine too. We also share the love of Chrismas.

Blog Post #6

1. The Net Worked Student

After viewing this video, I have learned that I am not at all ready to be a teacher of a networked student. However, this is why I am planning to teach younger kids of the elementary level. Hopefully I do not run into too many child prodigies that know more than I do about computers, although this very well may be the case. I plan on teaching my kids everything they need to know in class, with various hands on activties.

In order to achieve the status of being able to teach a networked student I would need a lot of work. I feel that I am very behind in the world of technology, however, I am definatley able to get by and hold my own. I would argue that if I absolutley had to teach a student that is of the network I would be able to do it without problems. I can pick up new stuff very easily and think of myself to be a quality teacher.

I am starting to understand why the web and techonolgy are becoming so important to the students in today's classroom. I like the fact that it opens up a whole world of communication, where you can reach across the globe and chat with someone like they were right there. But like I said before, I am not at all ready at this present time to teach a student of the network.


A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)

I really liked the layout she had for her PLE. It is very colorful and animated. Unfortunatley for me, I do not yet have a physical PLN, however, I do have one in my mind that is very helpful to me on a day to day bases. My PLN involves early morning wake ups, eating as much food as I can, and filling my day up with way too much stuff to do. I suppose both of our PLN's are scheduled to fit our day to day activity.